C. de Calabria, 273, Entlo 2, 08029 Barcelona

modern dentistry

Your smile deserves only the best

Our Technologies

Digital Radiography

Accurate diagnosis without radiation. We use digital x-rays for maximum patient safety. Using intelligent systems

3D Printing and Modeling

Individual approaches to treatment. 3D printing helps create precise models for surgical planning and prosthetic manufacturing.

Laser Therapy

Painless and effective procedures. Laser technologies are used to treat gum diseases and aesthetic corrections.

our equipment

At OdontologíaBarcelona, we invest in unique technologies to ensure that your dental experience is as comfortable and efficient as possible. Our unique equipment puts us ahead of the curve in providing our patients with the best treatments possible.


Our Doctors

Dr. Maria Sanchez
Dental Surgery and Implantology. With a wealth of experience, Dr. Sanchez is a specialist in the field of surgery and implantation, providing advanced solutions for restoring smiles.
Dr. Juan Carlos Gomez
Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry. Specializes in creating beautiful smiles through innovative orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry techniques.
Dr. Anna Lopez
Pediatric Dentistry and Prevention. Experienced in working with the youngest patients, Dr. Lopez creates a comfortable environment for children and provides comprehensive care.


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